JVMTI Sucks.

You know your technology is poorly documented and rarely used when my own blog appears on the 1st or 2nd page of google results for the majority of searches I’ve done related to your technology.


~ by ra1ndog on December 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “JVMTI Sucks.”

  1. raindog. thx for posting all your work on here. I have been searching around on the net to see if anyone has been able to determine the memory locations for key variables when in darkfall.exe is running, for example: player location x,y,z , health points, ets… Do you have any insight on this matter?

  2. Here is a list of the different Handles when running darkfall.exe

    Where would be a good place to find those variables I mentioned before?

    • I don’t think memory searching will lead to much success due to the fact that everything is stored in the JVM heap. I’ve got enough information from the game to get that information, I am working on a method to modify/interact with it right now. I am finding that JVMTI alone is inadequate in and of itself.

  3. I have been working with JVMTI for 2 years… what would you like to know?

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